Jimi + Megan

Jimi & Megan have known each other for quite some time meeting in junior high. I’ve known them for a while through a mutual friend & I was completely jazzed to be shooting their engagement photos & later this year their wedding. To start with, have you ever met a couple & you just *knew* they were meant for each other? If you’ve met Jimi & Megan you have. These photos weren’t posed, they just love each other and they laugh – a lot. Laughing is the second reason I can’t wait to shoot their wedding – they’re so much fun!

Finally, they’re adorable together & they love each other & I’m a sucker for emotional wedding photos of adorable couples. I think I’ve found a winning match here.


Ann Napier - I’ve known Jimi since he was a toddler & Megan when they started dating. They are a wonderful couple. Very grounded in their faith & I’m praying for an amazing life for them. I love them both!❤❤Miss Ann;)

oc193409 - They are a lovely couple – I am very lucky to be working with them!

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