If you’ve ever met me (or follow my Facebook or Instagram), you know I’m crazy obsessed with my dog. However, it occurred to me that I don’t have any photos about him on my lovely little blog. This little guy loves raw hides, ice cubes, carrots, kisses, raspberries on his cheeks and snuggling. However, offer him a strawberry, & he’ll spit it back into your hand – he’s a picky fella. He’s half Boston Terrier, half Pug & all love.


Isn’t he about the cutest thing ever? I just can’t quit smoochin’ that little rubber mug. Henry came to us after I saw a post from a friend on Facebook. She had him, but was unable to keep him. I fell in love & we decided to adopt him. She drove him down from Morgantown that evening. I spent all day looking at the picture on my phone. I was expecting a large puppy, but when she got out of the car, I was surprised. The tiniest, sweetest little puppy was curled up under her chin. I’m fairly certain I floated from my car to where she had him across the parking lot.

The day we brought him home, look how tiny!

The day we brought him home, look how tiny!

I was in love with this tiny little ball of fur & cheeks. He chewed on everything, licked constantly & could do no wrong. He started going everywhere with me and riding behind my head.

Henry around 3 months riding behind my head. Note Ti riding behind us.

Henry around 3 months riding behind my head. Note Ti riding behind us. We were headed to visit my mom in PA, she also adores him. He was a trooper in the car, too. 


Seriously, look at the face freckles.

Seriously, look at the face freckles.


This little guy has been by my side for the past three and half years. I’ve learned his language – he’s very smart – he taught me to know exactly what he needs. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing little animal in my life that truly embodies unconditional love.


Oh, that little nose.


So, it’s not the best picture ever, but LOOK AT THAT FACE.


He was all dapper for my college graduation party (bow from Honey Bee Bows).


My IG is loaded with this dude.


At my college graduation party – photo courtesy of Blissful Life Memories.



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