Maggie + Nick {Beloved}

Sometimes I like to leave things up to chance – I’m crazy like that. Maggie & Nick entered my Love Bird contest earlier this year. Their story about long distance was so sweet & they had two of the most genuine smiles in their photo they submitted. I remember that in all of Maggie’s emails to me, she was the epitome of politeness & just so sweet.

Liv Hefner Photography_0012

The contest allowed for one winner by vote and one selected by a team. Maggie & Nick won the team selection & I’m so glad they did. We conducted their session on a very cold day, but they were both so great the weather didn’t seem so terrible. Liv Hefner Photography_0011Liv Hefner Photography_0010Liv Hefner Photography_0009Liv Hefner Photography_0008Liv Hefner Photography_0007Liv Hefner Photography_0006Liv Hefner Photography_0005Liv Hefner Photography_0004Liv Hefner Photography_0003Liv Hefner Photography_0002Liv Hefner Photography_0001


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