Boudoir FAQ

Hey Gorgeous,

Thanks for stopping by, here’s a little about me. I am a boudoir & wedding photographer based out of Parkersburg, WV. I honestly think I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to show women exactly how stunning they actually are.

Other than my fantastic job, I’m just your average girl. I have a great family, I’m engaged to a fantastic man, love spending time with my family & chasing after Mr. Henry (my Boston Terrier & Pug mix). I love trying new recipes, meeting new people & traveling to new places.

Every woman deserves the experience of boudoir. Whether you’re doing the session for yourself, or for your significant other  – the experience is worth it. I’m so excited that you’re considering this experience & I encourage you whole heartedly to do this for you!





•Can I bring a friend or significant other?

Friends are always welcome! However, make sure you bring someone who makes you feel confident & you feel completely comfortable around.  As for the significant other, it’s best to leave your honey at home. Often, it’s harder to release your inhibitions & have fun if you’re trying to impress someone.

•What should I wear?

Well, what makes you feel sexy? Jeans & boots? Then, yes! Black lace & stilletos? You betcha! Bring whatever makes you feel the best. We’ll sort through everything at your session – I always suggest bringing more than less.

•Any advice for before my shoot?

I would suggest that you drink lots of water before your shoot. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow & it’s even healthy for ya. Also, work on making yourself feel great before your shoot. If going to the gym boosts your confidence, then do it. Or if buying those killer new pumps brings our your inner vixen – indulge.

•What should I do about my hair & makeup?

Let us handle it! We love to see your ideas beforehand, but just show up with a fresh face & we’ll glam you up.

• What type of image should I expect?

The images you get back from me will be soft, natural & not over touched. You’ll be demure & daring in some & laughing & flirty in others.

•When should I arrive?

Try to be about 10 minutes early so we can get your outfits in line.

•When is the best time to schedule a session?

Whenever works best for you!

•I would like a nice glow, how will tanning look in the images?

Please, please don’t tan in a tanning bed the day of your session. Although your tan looks great, it often will photograph orange. However, if you’re planning on a spray tan, I would recommend doing it two to three days before your session.

•Where is the session?

It depends on your needs.

• What is the turn-around on seeing my images & getting my Little Black Book?

Your images are very important to me & I take a lot of care to make sure they’re perfect. Your turn-around on seeing your images is around two weeks. After ordering your book, it takes up to four weeks for delivery.

• Who else will be there?

Just myself & the fab hair and makeup gal. However, sometimes I work with another photographer, but this just benefits you. The more photographers, the more images for you to chose from. I will always inform you about a potential other photographer.

• I’m afraid I’ll be too nervous, what should I do?

Not be. Seriously, I’m a big ol’ dork. The session isn’t awkward at all & I’ll do my absolute best to make you feel absolutely at home.

• I’m not comfortable with my body, is this still something I could do?

Yes! By all means, please consider doing this session. I promise you that you will love your images & love your body after this session.

• Will anyone else see my images?

Nada, unless you give me the okay. I’ll send about 10 images to you, that I’ll pretty please beg you to let me use on my blog.

• How will I proof my images for my album?

You’ll receive an online private proofing code & gallery.

• Do you do parties?

Yep, bachelorette parties are great. Or even parties just for fun. If you’re interested, just give me a shout & we can talk about it in depth.

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