Boudoir Testimonials

Love Letters from former Boudoir Clients

My boudoir shoot with Liv Hefner this summer was a blast. I told her that I wanted something with a fashion shoot feel, more Victoria’s Secret than pin-up & that’s exactly what I got. She found a great outdoor location that was private & had some gorgeous ideas involving her indoor bedroom studio as well. I was hesitant that things would be awkward, but she was completely open to any of my ideas & shot them with as much attention to detail as her own. Just as Liv predicted, I completely forgot how much I was (or rather, wasn’t) wearing! I almost drove home in one of my boudoir outfits…but luckily she stopped me! It was so much fun, & fun is definitely the opposite of awkward. I got to look at some of the photos right after the shoot, & as a girl who never labels herself as “sexy” (Cute? Sure!) I was mesmerized by them. After convincing myself that it really was me, I was blown away by how well Liv’s concepts had turned out on film. I loved every prop, every pose & every curve of my un-photoshopped self. Liv is hesitant to retouch your photos, & as a recent client, I know this is because she’s skilled enough to catch you at you most beautiful moments from your most flattering angles. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer than Liv Hefner. I am THRILLED! – Elisabeth


Thanks so much for the wonderful experience that was the Boudoir shoot. Working with you wasn’t at all awkward you make the experience super comfortable & fun. I really think everyone should book a Boudoir session with you. It’s a real self esteem booster & a great way to get out of your comfort zone I can’t wait to do another! – Anne


I recently had a boudoir session done. It was the best thing I have ever done. I had such an amazing experience. You are such a wonderful person. I never have felt more beautiful or had so much fun. Thank you for an experience i will never forget!!! – Nicole

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