Jaliyah, Senior 2013

Sometimes, during my shoots, I get to meet really cool people. Jaliyah is one of those people. She likes bright colors, high heels and plans to major in journalism in college. We share a lot of the same interests, actually – didn’t I say she was cool? She agreed to have her session done at 10 a.m on her Spring Break so we could have totally dreamy lighting – lots of senior don’t even want to see light before 10 a.m. on Spring Break. We completed her session in Marietta – everything is so pretty with all of the old buildings and the river conveniently located. Jaliyah will be at Marshall University this fall and I wish her the best of luck.

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Baby Collins is a Girl!

Whew! Now *everybody* knows & I’m no longer committed to keeping that secret. I found out that Ashly (one of my very best friends) was pregnant last November. She already has one beautiful daughter named Olivia who is sweet, pretty & looks a whole lot like Snow White from Once Upon a Time (you can look for yourself in the following photos. I wanted to do something fun & a little different for Ashly & her family so I settled on a gender reveal party. If you’ve never heard of a gender reveal party – it’s exactly what it sounds like. Everyone gets together to find out the gender of the baby – it’s fun & a great excuse to have a party.

I decided to do the party in a yellow & grey chevron with a “Beau or Bow” theme, & that was all Ashly got to know until the party. It was top secret business. We ended up using lemons & penguin coolers as the centerpieces with white table cloths & yellow runners. Dylan & I folded the napkins into bows and menu inserts for the tables.

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Amanda - You did a beautiful job with the party, food pics….. Everything! You have such a gift and I am so glad you shared it with all of us! It was so nice to meet you and of course Dylan (love that they spell it the same way). Thank you so much for doing this for Ashly, Robby and Olivia! You are amazing!

Tina Wilt - This was absolutely the most beautiful party! It was truly fabulous! From the decorations, the delicious food to the wonderful atmosphere and mood of the whole party! Everything was so creative and very thoughtful. There was so much love felt from the time the party started until the very end! So thankful to be blessed with another GrandDaughter! We are very equally blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives to share that night with! We love you Olivia, Dylan and Olivia’s Momma! You made it a PERFECT NIGHT!!! Thank You so much! We love YOU!

Liv Hefner - Thank you so much! I had a great time, too & I’m so glad I got to meet you! I love that you have a Dylan & Ashly has an Olivia – it’s destiny ;)

Liv Hefner - Thank you, Tina! I’m very lucky to have such a great friend as Ashly! I can’t wait for your grandaughter to be here & hopefully I’ll be able to photograph her; I just know she’ll be gorgeous.

Ashly - OH my gosh!! This was seriously a day I will NEVER forget, for many reasons! It was absolutely perfect! You guys really out did yourselves! I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives! It was the most perfect party and way to celebrate our little lady!! And that mashed potato bar was to die for!!! <3 Thank you for being such an amazing person and best friend!! THANK YOU to you and your sweet Momma and amazing man Dylan!!! <3 we love you and will NEVER EVER forget this day!!!

Liv Hefner - Ashly, I’m so happy that it was perfect for you! I’m so blessed to have you in my life now & for many more years to come <3

Miss Ella » My Website - [...] this year, I blogged about the gender reveal party that I hosted for one of my very best friends, Ashly. On July 2, her and her husband brought their [...]

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Jimi + Megan

Jimi & Megan have known each other for quite some time meeting in junior high. I’ve known them for a while through a mutual friend & I was completely jazzed to be shooting their engagement photos & later this year their wedding. To start with, have you ever met a couple & you just *knew* they were meant for each other? If you’ve met Jimi & Megan you have. These photos weren’t posed, they just love each other and they laugh – a lot. Laughing is the second reason I can’t wait to shoot their wedding – they’re so much fun!

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Ann Napier - I’ve known Jimi since he was a toddler & Megan when they started dating. They are a wonderful couple. Very grounded in their faith & I’m praying for an amazing life for them. I love them both!❤❤Miss Ann;)

oc193409 - They are a lovely couple – I am very lucky to be working with them!

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